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How Are Hydraulic Presses Used to Make Puzzle?

May 21, 2024

Introduction to hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic presses are commonly used for die-cutting jigsaw puzzle pieces due to their stable structure, large worktable area, and cost-effectiveness. The use of hydraulic presses in the die-cutting process allows for efficient production of jigsaw puzzles, ensuring precise cutting and uniform edges for the puzzle pieces.

The size of the hydraulic press required depends on the number of puzzle pieces. Typically, a 1000-piece puzzle requires a 700-ton hydraulic press, while a 2000-piece puzzle requires a 1200-ton puzzle press machine.

The history of hydraulic presses and their evolution in puzzle making

Hydraulic presses have a rich history dating back to the 17th century when Blaise Pascal first discovered the principle of transmitting pressure through fluids. Over time, these machines evolved from simple devices to powerful tools used in various industries, including puzzle making. As technology advanced, hydraulic press machines became more sophisticated, offering customizable features such as adjustable tonnage and multi-step programming. These advancements further improved efficiency and accuracy in puzzle production, making it possible to meet the demands of today's diverse market.

How do puzzle press machine work?

A puzzle press machine works by using hydraulic pressure to firmly secure the puzzle pieces together. The machine applies controlled force evenly across the entire surface, ensuring that each piece fits snugly into place. This precision is crucial in achieving seamless connections between the elements of the puzzle. As the hydraulic press exerts pressure on the puzzle, adhesive or heat may also be used to bond the pieces permanently.

Here's how hydraulic presses are used to make puzzles:

● The prepared puzzle cardboard or material is placed on the worktable of the hydraulic press.

● To cut the puzzle pieces, steel rule dies are used in conjunction with the hydraulic press.

● The hydraulic press applies substantial pressure, pressing the blades of the steel rule die onto the puzzle material, cutting out the individual puzzle pieces.

● After the pressing is complete, the die ejection rubber on the steel rule die ensures that the cut puzzle pieces are properly ejected and do not adhere to the die.

● The cut puzzle pieces may undergo additional finishing processes, such as edge treatment or packaging.

Different types of puzzle press machine and features

When it comes to puzzle press machines, there are various types available in the market to cater to different manufacturing needs. 

● Pneumatic puzzle press machine: utilizes air pressure instead of hydraulic fluid for operation. This type is suitable for smaller scale production with quicker cycle times.

● manual puzzle presses: offer a more hands-on approach to puzzle making, allowing artisans to have greater control over the manufacturing process and customization options.

● Hydraulic puzzle press machine: known for its efficiency and precision in producing high-quality puzzles. JHS puzzle press machine come equipped with features like adjustable pressure settings, interchangeable molds for creating different shapes and sizes of puzzles, as well as automated systems for seamless production processes.


Hydraulic puzzle press machines have revolutionized the puzzle-making industry with their efficiency and precision. These powerful machines have streamlined the production process, resulting in high-quality puzzles that captivate enthusiasts around the world. From intricate designs to customizable features, hydraulic press machines offer endless possibilities for creating unique and engaging puzzles. Whether you are a puzzle manufacturer or a hobbyist looking to explore new creative avenues, investing in a hydraulic puzzle press machine can take your puzzle-making skills to new heights. Contact us to inquire puzzle machine price!

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