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What Are the Advantages of Using a Puzzle Cutting Machine?

January 26, 2024

Jigsaw puzzles have been a favorite pastime for children and adults alike since their creation in 1762. Jigsaw puzzles are loved by people of all ages. Along with a great pastime activity, puzzles are great for boosting cognitive activity and strengthening the connection between mind and body. There are many proven benefits of solving puzzles on brain activity which is why many elders encourage their children to try out puzzles. To create these mindblowing and engaging puzzles, the puzzle-cutting machine plays the most significant role. Though there are many other methods of cutting puzzles, by far puzzle cutting machine is the best among all such processes. Care to find out why puzzle cutting machines are preferred by jigsaw makers instead of all other techniques? Let us explore the advantages of using these machines to give you an idea of why they are deemed the ideal choice for jigsaw puzzles to boggle your mind.

1. Efficiency: The jigsaw puzzle cutting machine is known to cut the puzzle pieces efficiently in a speedy manner. In comparison to manual cutting techniques, the machine offers the advantage that you can efficiently cut the pieces in less time. It means that you can enhance the efficiency of the cutting process. You can simultaneously cut multiple puzzles. This implies that you can cut more pieces of the puzzle in less time.

2. Personalization: Many customers prefer to have customized puzzles. Luckily, with puzzle cutting machine personalization becomes quite easy and speedy. This is because most of the puzzle machines can be conveniently programmed to customize the designs of puzzles. It makes the jigsaw puzzle die cutting machine the perfect solution for puzzle cutting. You can customize the puzzles as per the latest trends and customer demands promptly.

3. Lower labor cost: Automatic puzzle cutting machines are a great way to cut labor costs. When you rely on machine cutting techniques you won't need more labor. A few operators will be enough to run the machines and get the desired results. This option is especially handy if the labor cost in your vicinity is quite high. By opting for automated machine processing, you can save high labor costs in the long run by investing in machinery for once.

600 tons moving table puzzle cutting machine

5. Consistent result: When cut manually, the pieces of two puzzles with the same design can be a bit different. But when cut with a puzzle cutting machine you can get consistent results on all your puzzle pieces. The consistent result means that you can create multiple puzzles with the same cut without compromising on the quality. Inconsistent or irregular cut pieces can ruin your puzzle-solving experience. This is why the puzzle makers want to employ the technique that ensures a remarkable experience for customers which can be done by opting for machine cutting technology.

6. High production capacity: When cut with machines, you can enjoy more production capacity in comparison to manual cutting. It takes considerably more time to handcraft the puzzle in comparison to cutting it with an automated machine. This is why puzzle makers are opting for cutting machines to increase their production capacity and meet the elevating needs of customers.

7. Multi Funtional: Puzzle cutting machines can be used to cut puzzle pieces from a variety of materials, including cardboard, paperboard, foam board, and wood. This versatility makes them suitable for use in a wide range of industries, from toy and game manufacturing to educational and promotional products.

8. Design complexity: Some puzzle designs can be very complex and can't be cut properly manually. It can be tricky to cut the pieces with intricate details. This is why when complex designs are desired, it is better to rely on puzzle die cutter machine rather than manual techniques. With the durable puzzle cutting machine, you can have the puzzles with as many pieces as you want without any trouble. Be it a 1000-piece puzzle or a 2000-piece puzzle, with automated machines it is just like a piece of cake to cut the pieces while ensuring unparalleled finishing and details of the pieces.

9. Quality production: With automated machines, you won't have to worry about the quality of puzzles. It is because, when cut manually, a little misalignment can cause a huge trouble for you. Even when the puzzles are marked properly, still then it is possible that the piece can get irregular disrupting the entire puzzle design. This issue can be dealt with by using automated puzzle cutting machines that can automatically detect issues like irregular placement or misalignment of the puzzle before cutting. The puzzle die cutting machine is smart enough to make sure that the puzzle is cut when it is placed properly. Seamless integration of puzzle pieces is surely appreciated by customers also.

11. Precision: when cut with machines, the edges of all pieces are pressed in a manner that gives it a perfect finish. When joined together, these finely cut pieces can align together seamlessly and smoothly giving a satisfactory feel to customers.

12. Competitive edge: As already explained by using machine technology you can cut puzzles efficiently, cost-effectively, and speedily. All these benefits are handy to give you a competitive edge over your competitors. When you can create puzzles at lower cost (economies of scale) in large quantity with elevated customer satisfaction then you are likely to win more customers as compared to your competitors. You can turn your current customers into loyal ones by opting for a better cutting technology which is machine cutting in this case.

In addition to the standard flat puzzles, 3D puzzles made from wood or Styrofoam are also gaining popularity, as well as word puzzle games, and computer-based jigsaw puzzles. JHS Machine is a quality jigsaw puzzle cutting machine brand and is well-known by jigsaw puzzle making makers from all over the world. In order to meet the greater demand for jigsaw puzzle products in the global market today, and to improve the production efficiency of puzzles, JHS Machine produces high quality jigsaw puzzle die cutting machine.

600 Ton Double Mobile Platform puzzle cutting machine Advantages:

- A two handed start button controls the machine.

- Pressure dwell time and stroke can be adjusted flexibly.

- A protective fence and a safety interlock can be added to upgrade the security.

- Lubrication of slider rails by computerized means.

puzzle die cutter            

- Safety is ensured by the double SLC (Security Light Curtain).

- Emergency switches on the front side covers

- A vibration-proof and leakage-proof design is applied to all pipes, flanges, and joints.

- Sliding rails for sliding cutting dies in and out.

600 Ton Double Mobile Platform puzzle cutting machine            


Technologically advanced solutions across all industries are facilitating manufacturers. Using a puzzle cutting machine to craft puzzles is the preferred way to seek out the great advantages. You can also lower your overall cost, and increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, quality, design, and production capacity while enjoying a competitive edge by opting for this technology.

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