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HJS machinery takes you to understand the types of puzzle machinery

December 22, 2023

Dynamic development one

In China, puzzle machinery was first developed by Shenzhen JHS Puzzle Machinery Factory and used in Pengli Factory, the largest puzzle factory in the world. Five types of puzzle machines have been developed for different types of products in the puzzle industry. Our factory specializes in R&D, production and sales of puzzle machines. , and provide technical support for the production of the puzzle industry, and are familiar with the global puzzle market

Dynamic Development two

Our factory has developed five types of puzzle machines, fully automatic puzzle packaging machines, automatic puzzle cartoning machines, puzzle dismantling and cleaning machines, multi-style puzzle dispersing machines, and puzzle dispersing and dust cleaning machines.

All puzzle equipment is used for semi-automatic and fully-automatic production of puzzle puzzle type products. The fully automatic puzzle packaging machine is suitable for flat type paper puzzles, 3D puzzles, and wooden puzzles.

The automatic puzzle cartoning machine is suitable for puzzle cartoning machines. Double-insert box type puzzle cartoning machine. This model is a high-speed production model. It is suitable for automatic boxing and automatic buckling of puzzles after they are packed in PE bags. The box type is double-insert box. This model is new because the market is in urgent need of a large amount of labor. Developed high-efficiency equipment B, a heaven and earth box type and buckle box type puzzle cartoning machine. The puzzles do not need to be packaged in PE bags, and the large puzzle products are mainly broken up automatically. Puzzle break-up and dust cleaning machine is suitable for puzzle manufacturers who use low-quality gray board paper to produce products that cause a lot of dust, but customers do not accept products with a lot of dust.

  Jigsaw puzzle dismantling and cleaning machine. This puzzle machine is suitable for different products. There are frame materials in the middle of the puzzle products. The production of such products requires a lot of labor. The puzzle dismantling and cleaning machine is a newly developed product to meet the market demand.

When purchasing puzzle machinery manufacturers, you must first understand the types of puzzles produced by the factory. If you are not sure about the puzzle machinery type, fully automatic puzzle packaging machine, puzzle cartoning machine performance or need dynamic production videos, please contact JHS Jigsaw Machinery Factory

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