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December 22, 2023

JHS Puzzle Machine is China's leading brand of puzzle die-cutting machines, puzzle hydraulic presses, puzzle cutting machines, and high-end puzzle automated production lines. We use state-of-the-art equipment and strict quality control procedures to meet the most precise mold requirements, in addition to providing consulting and engineering services to customize mold designs to our customers' specific needs. The latest technology available is used in manufacturing precision steel ruler molds for cutting jigsaw puzzles and various industries.

JHS Puzzle Machine is the first in China to develop and produce four-column puzzle machines, 800-ton hydraulic puzzle die-cutting machines, and 1,000-ton servo hydraulic puzzle machines. It can cut puzzles from 200 to 3,000 pieces into one component. Jigsaw puzzles come in a variety of different sizes. Among puzzles for adults, 300-, 500-, and 750-piece puzzles are considered "smaller" and can be made more complex with small puzzle machines or hydraulic servo puzzle machines

Making the above puzzles is becoming increasingly easier due to improvements in R&D technology and the development of steel ruler molds, which are the conversion process of stock materials into specific shapes or patterns. It uses specialized machinery and equipment to cut, form and shape a variety of materials. Steel knife molds are an economical and versatile method for converting soft and semi-rigid materials in two dimensions.

Thank you for your attention. If you are interested in matching the puzzle equipment production line, please contact us and we will bring you professional knowledge.

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