JHS Professional puzzle  Machine -  jigsaw puzzle die-cutting machine and Automatic jigsaw puzzle break up packaging machine
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One, die-cutting machine and automatic packaging production line. 

1. Composition structure: 

A 600-ton telescopic die-cutting machine and a set of automatic jigsaw breaking and packaging machine

2. Production process (die-cutting → breaking up → packaging) 

The product is placed on the telescopic table → the telescopic table enters the die-cutting table → the die-cutting table is die-cut from top to bottom → Die cutting is completed → Telescopic table returns and exits → Product is put into the conveyor belt → Puzzle is broken up automatically → Puzzle is packaged automatically 

3. Suitable for the production of materials:

Paper, wood, 3D, PVC, all types of jigsaw die-cutting and automatic packaging 

4. Floor area of automatic production line: 

4500mm×6500mm, power supply: AC380V, total power: 23.5KW

Two, 600 tons of die-cutting machine 

1. Structure: Four-column hydraulic press, the die-cutting worktable moves from top to bottom, and the operation table is a telescopic moving table.  

2. Four-column worktop (optional )

① The left and right width of the four columns is 1050mm, the front and back length is 900mm, and the maximum die-cut finished product is 850mm × 800mm. 

② The left and right width of the four columns is 1250 mm, the front and back length is 900 mm, and the maximum die-cut finished product is 1050 mm × 800 mm. 

3. Power supply, AC380V, motor power, 18.5KW, weight 15t 

4. Overall dimensions of the machine, length: 3000 mm, width: 2200 mm, height: 2600 mm 

5. Maximum pressure 600 tons 

6. Suitable for die-cutting products within 2000 pieces 

 A, 9-1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzles can be formed and die-cut at one time 

 B, 1500-2000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle need to be divided into horizontal knife and vertical knife, which need to be completed by die cutting twice 

7. Suitable for die-cutting materials: Paper, wood, 3D, film, PVC, PP.

8. Method of use: The whole machine is sent out, connected to AC380V power supply, and added with 500 liters of No.68 hydraulic oil.  You can use it.

And thirdly, a jigsaw puzzle automatic scatter packaging machine.

1. Structure: A jigsaw scattering machine, a packaging machine and a conveyor form a set

2. Function: Automatic puzzle breaking up → automatic PE bag making → automatic puzzle bagging → automatic packaging 

3. Power supply: AC 220V, power:5kw

4. Weight: 1300 Kg 

5. Overall dimensions of a set of machine: Length 3800 mm, width 2800 mm, height 2300 mm 

6. The bag is made of PE ring film with a thickness of 0.065 mm and a width of 515 mm. The width of the bag is fixed at 240 mm, and the length can be adjusted. 

7. The width of the bag is 240mm, which is suitable for 48-1500 pieces of jigsaw puzzles to be packed automatically. 

8. 280 mm bag width is required for 2000-5000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle automatic break-up packaging 

9. Usage: The whole machine can be used by connecting AC220V power supply and 8 bar air pressure.

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