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Top puzzle cutting machine price manufacturer | JHS Machine
  • Top puzzle cutting machine price manufacturer | JHS Machine

Top puzzle cutting machine price manufacturer | JHS Machine

puzzle cutting machine price is made of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology in accordance with national standards. It has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and is durable.
Products Details

Guided by scientific and technological innovation, JHS Machine always keeps outward-oriented and sticks to the positive development on the basis of technological innovation. puzzle cutting machine price Today, JHS Machine ranks the top as a professional and experienced supplier in the industry. We can design, develop, manufacture, and sell different series of products on our own combining the efforts and wisdom of all our staff. Also, we are responsible for offering a wide range of services for customers including technical support and prompt Q&A services. You may discover more about our new product puzzle cutting machine price and our company by directly contacting us.puzzle cutting machine price It has the advantages of stable performance, simple operation, strong and durable, easy to clean and maintain, and has strong competitiveness in the market.

Products Description

The jigsaw puzzle die cutting machine employs servo-hydraulic technology, offering advantages like faster speeds, adjustable pressures, higher repeat accuracy (±1%), lower energy consumption, and reduced noise levels compared to conventional hydraulic presses. It can deliver cutting forces ranging from 600 tons to 1200 tons, suitable for handling puzzle sizes from 500 pieces to 2000 pieces.

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Printing Shops, Puzzle industryShowroom Location:None
Condition:NewProduct Type:Puzzle Machine
Processing Type:MachiningPlace of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:JHSVoltage:AC200V-380V
Power:Electric inputDimension(L*W*H):1.6M*2.1M*2.05M
Weight:9000 kgWarranty:1 Year
Production Capacity:OtherMachinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:ProvidedMarketing Type:Other
Warranty of core components:1 YearCore Components:PLC
Name:Puzzle Die cutting machineFinished Products:Puzzle
Application:ProducingFunction:Embossing Folding Counting Cutting
Type:Paper Producton LineKeyword:cutting machine
Machine type:JHS-500XColor:White-gray
Advantage:High Effiency

Puzzle Cutter Machine Features

JHS puzzle die cutting machine JHS-500X adopts a four-column hydraulic press, which consists of crown weldment, ram weldment, working table, and bed weldment. Compact design with bottom-mounted hydraulic system, reducing footprint and optimizing space utilization. 

  1. 1. Four-Post Design: The four-post frame structure and precision bed-to-ram parallelism ensure accurate and consistent die-cutting across the entire bed area.

2. High Cutting Force: Deliver cutting forces ranging from 600 tons to 1200 tons, suitable for handling puzzle sizes from 500 pieces to 2000 pieces.

3. High Productivity: The machines are capable of achieving high cutting rates of 4000 to 6000 cuts per eight-hour shift

4. Slide tables: Features like automatic steel slide tables, cushion systems, and photocell safety guards contribute to efficient and safe operation.


FAQ About Puzzle Die Cutting Machine
  • Q
    What is a puzzle cutting machine?
    Puzzle cutting machine is an industrial jigsaw machine that utilizes hydraulic pressure and a steel rule die to press puzzles into specific shapes. It is currently the mainstream solution for mass-producing puzzles in large quantities.
  • Q
    What type of hydraulic press does your puzzle cutter machine use?
    Our jigsaw puzzle die cutting machine adopts a four-column hydraulic press, known for its stable structure and large working table area, making it highly suitable for puzzle cutting applications.
  • Q
    What are the differences between your puzzle making machine and those from other manufacturers?
    Our puzzle cutter machine is distinct from other hydraulic puzzle press manufacturers. It is specifically optimized and tailor-made for puzzle production, with over 10 years of refinement and multiple iterations. It encompasses a complete set of solutions, including hydraulic press, puzzle bagging machine, making it a truly high-end intelligent production line for puzzles.
  • Q
    What other equipment is used in an automatic puzzle production line?
    In addition to the puzzle die-cutting machine, automated line may include robotic arms for handling, breakup machines, packaging machines for bagging/boxing, inspection systems, and supporting equipment like laminators.
  • Q
    How are puzzle pieces separated after die-cutting?
    After the die-cutting process, the puzzle pieces may still be tightly adhered together. A separate breakup machine is used to separate and evenly scatter the puzzle pieces before they are conveyed for packaging.
  • Q
    What are the key features of a puzzle die-cutting machine?
    Key features include a robust 4-post design for rigidity and precision, high cutting forces ranging from 600-1200 tons, servo-hydraulic technology for adjustable speeds and pressures, precision bed-to-ram parallelism, programmable controls, efficient operation with automatic components, and high productivity rates.
Our Company

Our company is China's only professional jigsaw puzzle machinery and equipment manufacturers. Engage in produce puzzle machinery equipment, lt'sbeen over 20 years, we mainly produce jigsaw puzzle die-cutting machine and automatic puzzle break up packaging machine, Stable and reliable quality, Has been sold all over the world,in China, our company's jigsaw puzzlemachinery and equipment is recognized brand, Manylisted companies and group companies are using thejigsaw puzzle machines made by our company, At thesame time, our company team is constantly developingnew automated jigsaw puzzle equipment, our companyhas been more than 20 years of professional services inthe jigsaw puzzle industry.

We are proficient in the puzzle machinery equipment, we are familiar with the puzzle production process, familiar withthe quality requirements of puzzle, familiar with the mold cutting process, familiar with the break up packaging pro.cess, familiar with the knife mold, EVA, PE film requirements, packaging requirements, Familiar with paper puz.zles,Wooden puzzles, half-wear puzzles, special shaped puzzles, 3D puzzles, in a frame puzzles, floor puzzlessuper large puzzles, mini miniature puzzles, game set card puzzles ,Card Puzzle Set, Magnet Puzzle,EVA puzzleetc etc,Familiar with related puzzles.we are can help customers solve various problems .Can assist customers toensure smooth production.Welcome to contact us for consultation.

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